Coatings & Finishes

In addition to standard finishes, DivCon offers clients Specialized Industrial Finishes. Our work can be seen on everything from communication discs for NASA to military vehicles.
At DivCon, we firmly believe that no matter how high the quality of the finish, it’s really only as good as the surface preparation and the professional standards that were used applying the finish. At DivCon, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment and we are committed to specialized training for every technician who works for us. The results have been finishes that stand the test of time and very satisfied clients.

While the focus of DivCon’s business is with large industrial and manufacturing clients, we welcome even the smallest jobs. We also pride ourselves on delivering your job on time and on budget.

DivCon is certified and highly trained in the application of Polyurea. This remarkably durable and flexible substance not only protects, but also can be used as a long- or short-term repair on steel structures. However, Polyurea is only as good as proper preparation of the surface and professional application of the material. In fact, a major manufacturer of Polyurea has extended its “Preferred Vendor Status” to DivCon, making it the only certified company in the southeast to apply this unique product.